Mustafa Hulusi Posters has been presenting artists work in the format of the outdoor poster intermittently at 2 Hoxton Street, London since 1999.  

From 2017 onwards, the programme has been formalised into regular slots with the additional use of online social media and a website. 

An objective of this project is to situate critically engaged fine art within a publicly accessible, non-art gallery context with the purpose of pushing a democratic anti-hierarchical viewing space that provokes the thought horizon of the public.   

Each artist gets the same boundary of space and time to work inside.   

Within this presentation process the dynamic of a physically printed and publicly displayed image is set up against its smart phone, internalised, social media distributed incarnation. 

Artist meets outdoor advertising meets the public meets social media meets informed art world audience, in a feedback loop. 

The poignancy of the artists’ poster display project in east London is its celebration of a multitude of people, the plurality of views and the idiosyncratic visual language of the participating art practitioners. It is this self-evident, anti-managerial belief that attracts its cult following.


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