Mustafa Hulusi

This week, I’m on display with this recently completed painting Bitter Oranges 01. If you’re in East London, go check it out.
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Jeffry Bligh

This week, we present this poignant work titled ‘Waving Hats and Dancing’. Jeffrey Bligh’s painting is based on Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poem ‘The World is a Beautiful Place’. It celebrates the joy of being alive while recognising the tragic nature of the human condition. Ferlinghetti died this year two weeks short of this 102nd birthday. Jeffrey Bligh was born in the UK soon after the end of World War ll. His exact place of birth is unclear. Although much of his work has been lost or destroyed, a chain of Bligh’s intermittent artistic activity extends from the 1960s to the present day. #musmex #jefferybligh #thorpdavi

Morgan Willis

This week, English painter Morgan Wills presents a new work titled ‘Cycle’ from his current exhibition at @sidmotiongallery. Go see NOW at #mustafahulusiposters #sidmotiongallery @morganslliw #musmex

Fabio Lattanzi Antinori

This week, London-based artist Fabio Lattanzi Antinori presents this algorithmic text work. He explains ‘Every time we search for something online on a search engine, those words are assigned a price per click.
These are then used to help advertisers place their ads and reach their audiences.
They also feed complex systems that forecast what we would like to see and curate what we will find on-line.
£2.86 was the price of ‘Your Life’ on Google Adwords, at the time the artwork was created.’ Go see NOW!!! at the artists poster display, London @flantinori @piartworks @musmex #fabiolattanziantinori #piartworks #musmex #thecostofyourlifetodayongoogletoday£2.86 #hexio

Anna Skladmann

Anna Skladmann (b. 1986, Germany), could be seen as the contemporary successor of the Victorian artist Anna Atkins, who was the first one to use the cyanotype technique to capture algae as a research study (1843). Skladmann uses photography and specific scanning techniques which create diaphanous forms of the flowers and plants she captures.

‘The Seven Spieces’ which are seven agricultural products – two grains and five fruits – which are listed in the Hebrew Bible as being special products of the Land of Israel. With a nostalgic view to her own roots Skladmann’s delicate work underlines the historic and mythical connection that humans have with nature. The flowering and fruiting of the seven species take place in a season depending on the delicate balance between contradictory forces of nature and parallel our own spiritual development during times of opposing deities.

Showing now!

Trude Bekk

This week, young Norwegian artist Trude Bekk (b 1989) presents her work at the artists poster display in Hoxton, London. She’s a recent MA Fine Art graduate from Trondheim Academy, her practice focuses closely on environmental art, the current climate-politics, humanities impact on nature (.. and nature's impact on the human). We live in bleak times so GO SEE NOW!! 

Henry Hudson

This week, British artist Henry Hudson is selected by fellow painter Ben Spiers to participate in the artists poster display in Hoxton. Hudson offers this lusciously tropical image to brighten up this bleak late-winter street corner of London. Go see NOW! (if in the area). @benjaminspiers @henryhudson_bk @musmex #mustafahulusiposters #mustafahulusi #hoxton

John Greenwood

This week, English artist John Greenwood presents his trippy portrait painting titled ‘The Phrenologists Fantasy’. He explains ‘'This is one of a series of 'Heads' I've been working on for awhile now. Influenced by the work of artists like the Italian Mannerist painter Arcimboldo, the early 20thC German illustrator Fritz Kahn, the contemporary Austrian Graffitti artist Nychos-the-weird and fond memories of reading the Numbskulls in the Beano as a child. The paintings are small and the image is placed in an illusionistic box. The idea is that pictures are about head size and confront the viewer like distorted mirrors, depicting the interaction of fantastical forms that dwell on the borders of identification without ever neatly settling into precise recognition. Their unsettling and absurd nature hopefully both encourages speculation on our own inner workings while also mocking the presumption that such an endeavour is either possible or valuable.
This body of work developed an intensity for me about 3 years ago when one of my oldest and dearest friends was suffering from a life threatening brain tumour, which required 2 operations to nullify. When I was visiting him during a recovery period I came across some of the MRI scans of his head. They were medically blank and unreadable to me while simultaneously encouraging an awareness I was staring at the essence of my friends problem as well as the source of his character, experiences and memories. There was so little to see in the pictures and so much to imagine. The sliced visions through his head often captured views which looked like howling masks, much richer to me than the medical information they captured to his surgeons”.
Go see NOW!! (if you live around the Hoxton area). 

Maja Djordevic

This week, Belgrade born artist Maja Djordevic presents the super eye catching work titled ‘Home is where I want to be’ at her debut show at Carl Kostyal, London titled ‘This Must Be The Place’. Check it out NOW! 

Karin Kneffel

This week, German artist Karin Kneffel presents a work taken from her current show ‘Haymatlos’ at Dirimart, Istanbul. The title for the show means ‘Homelessness’ and the painting on display is based on the work of German architect & town planner Bruno Taut. This work addresses the complex and multi-layered issue of stateless people due to political exile and the locating of this image to a busy, multicultural district in London contributes yet another level to this mesmerizing piece.
Go see NOW! At the artists outdoor poster display on Hoxton Street, London. 

Janette Parris

Now showing is London-based artist Janette Parris. Describing her poster she states ‘I investigate contemporary urban experiences and the everyday using humour and popular formats, including cartoons. This work from the series “Mundane thought for the day” reflects how practices and experiences stepped out of the ordinary during the pandemic, seeming surreal in their performance, whilst collective impulses and needs remained enduringly human’.

Alexander Guy

This week, Glasgow-based painter Alexander Guy presents ’Seven Days’ 1995, a painting in the style of kitchen-sink-realism meets Pop Art, taken from his current solo show at Carl Kostyal, London curated by Oli Epp. Go see NOW! 

Jamie Shovlin

Fodder 99 (Pomegranate) 2019
Pencil on found paper

Fodder 99 (Pomegranate)is from an ongoing series of works that are largely envisioned as backdrops for future additions that may or may never materialise. Started in 2014 and currently numbering more than 250 works, the drawings take material from multiple sources, including 1980’s illustration manuals, sculptural monographs, history books and popular song, and are fundamentally reactive in nature, often made on a whim and with scant consideration for collective meaning or identity.

Each work is realised on a paper scrap torn from a used book, lending the image a borrowed veneer of history, and is considered both separate entity and enigmatic part of a greater whole, purposeful and pointless at the same time, a speculative platform for continuous editorial that can be reworked, cropped, erased, addended and often destroyed. Created to both pass and still time and to establish a stock of imagery, the Fodder drawings are imagined as a lifelong project that will only cease with the artist’s death.’

Maude Maris

This week, Paris based artist Maude Maris presents her enigmatic painting titled ‘Attique’, with its ice-like, difficult-to-define forms. Go see NOW!! at the artists poster display in Hoxton, London

Richard Wathen

This week, British figurative painter Richard Wathen presents his spooky self portrait watercolours composed during the recent lockdown. The artists poster display is situated at 2 Hoxton Street, London.

Ben Spiers

This week, British painter Ben Spiers delights us with his freaky surrealist visions at the artists poster display on Hoxton Street, London. This coincides with his exhibition Midnight Sombero at Carl Kostyal Gallery, Stockholm. Go see them both NOW!!

Andreas Ragnar Kassapis

On display is a photographic work by artist Andreas Ragnar Kassapis. He describes his practice as ‘...consisting of objects, commodities and amalgams of objects and body repetition, resonance, intermediate space, hissing noise, surface, distance from the surface, mnemonic nuance, elasticity. These are all concepts within my discipline in an attempt to approach objects’.

Dominic Allan

Luton-born artist Dominic Allan presents this feline poster titled ‘Tess’s Cat’ on the outdoor artists display on Hoxton Street, London

Melissa Moore

Mustafa Hulusi

Juliette Blightman

This week, British artist Juliette Blightman presents this subtle work titled ‘4th June, Farnham (with toilet)’ at the artist’s outdoor poster display on 2 Hoxton Street, London.

Adam Gallagher

This week, curator Christabel Stewart selects artist Adam Gallagher’s striking work for the artist’s poster display at 2 Hoxton Street, London.

Angharad Williams

This week, Christabel Stewart selects Angharad Williams, presenting this semiotic poster at the artist’s poster display at 2 Hoxton Street, London. It runs concurrently with her solo show at Peak in Elephant & Castle shopping centre.

Dan Mitchell

This week, Christabel Stewart selects artist Dan Mitchell’s work titled ‘The Crows Love Hackney’ for the artist’s display at 2 Hoxton Street, London. 

Rut Blees Luxemburg

This week, London-based German photographer Rut Blees Luxemburg presents this baroque work titled ‘Autumn Vine’. It’s on the artist’s display @ 2 Hoxton Street, London. Go see NOW!!

Ozziline Bill

This week, upcoming photographer Ozziline Bill presents this new work titled ‘Domestic Desires’ where the mundane is transformed into the desirable.
This image portrays the fetishism of objects and the tangibility of ‘things’. Our
response to aesthetically pleasing objects and this connection to consumerist culture is examined.

Sarah Staton

This week, London based artist Sarah Staton offers us this image with poem concrete text - anthropocene and deep under the messy forest floor, residual birch oak ash murmur silently to each other through dark damp earth, their messages carried on the hidden matted mesh of mycelium threads that weave between fungi who extend there brave small heads above the ground to the zone where they can listen in to human's reckless plans and plots - new methods of destruction in the collective race to ground zero apocalyptic planetary annihilation

Jazmin Bean

This week, upcoming and dazzling New Weird England star Jazmin Bean offers us a further insight into her colourful world view. Go see NOW!!! @ 2 Hoxton street, London.

Noemie Rocher

This week, France based artist Noemie Rocher is displaying an image from her abstraction styled paintings within this outdoor visual context, located at 2 Hoxton Street, London. 

Steffi Klenz

This week, German photographer Steffi Klenz offers us her spectral poster, on display NOW! @ 2 Hoxton Street. Don’t miss it.

Kyung Hwa Shon

This week, Korean-born Kyung Hwa Shon presents her visually sharp work titled ‘Every Second In Between’, at the artists outdoor art display on 2 Hoxton Street, London.

Shadi Rezaei

This week, London-based Iranian artist Shadi Rezaei presents this ‘I am Not I Nor am I’. The title comes from a poet by Rumi:
Master; don’t say I am “I”
I am not “I”, nor am I
If you are you and I am I
I am not “I”, I am the "Not-I"
Go see NOW!! at 2 Hoxton Street!!

Nike Savvas

This week, Sydney-born artist Nike Savvas presents this delicately balanced worked titled The Oarsman
It incorporates the image of a Perpetual Motion balancing toy – a small stainless steel rowboat that is set adrift in a big blue beyond. As a mesmerising ocular device intended for relaxation it swings and bobs under its own trapped momentum and energy.
As a broader metaphor for life, the oarsman speaks to a zone of perpetual transition, of comings and goings, of ups and downs, of changed directions and arrivals and departures. It speaks of ebbs and flows, of temporal states and the passage of time. While the term ‘row your boat’ may infer taking charge of the course for one’s own life, it also acknowledges the struggles that are to be endured in striving to overcome our limits.

Sue Webster

This week, Leicester-born artist Sue Webster offers us ‘Self Portrait', 1985.
‘I painted this when I was at school in Leicester preparing for my 'A' level art exam - I would've been about 17 .... I love the intensity in my eyes , I don't think I've changed that much although I doubt now that I could paint like that - I certainly don't have the patience ....’

Samuel Fouracre

This week, Samuel Fouracre offers us this snippet taken from his short animation titled

The World of Huggett

This weeks poster is the first part of an ongoing series introducing the artist known as ‘The World of Huggett’. The Macclesfield-born artists work is titled ‘Double-Hole’ and emanates his visually manifest philosophy. 

Gavin Turk

This week, British artist Gavin Turk presents a brilliant poster work titled ‘Outside le Café Van Gogh, Arles 2018’. The artist signs then documents clear plastic rubbish bags left out on the street late at night. The soon-to-be disposed of bags are magically transformed into art shortly before the end of their physical existence. This image is cleverly in tune with the site-specific location of the poster display, working in harmony next to actual recycling bins of waste and detritus.

Paul Sakoilsky

This week, London based artist, Paul Sakoilsky presents this delightful work. ‘Kakocracy’ (The Dark Times), Aprl 2018.
The darkly humourous subversive media hijackings of his potlatch newspaper, and ongoing project began in 2007.

Newsha Tavakolian

This week, for the final selection by invited curator Leyla Fakhr is photographer Newsha Tavakolian with a work titled ‘Iranians celebrating the nuclear agreement early Friday morning around Parkway Bridge in Northern Tehran’ ,Tehran, July 2015. Tavakolian is considered one of Iran’s most important photographers whose work has been exhibited widely in museums and galleries worldwide. She has worked for Time magazine, The New York Times, Le Figaro, and National Geographic as a photojournalist and documentary photographer.
Image copyright Newsha Tavakolian (courtesy Archaeology of the Final Decade) Newsha.

Shirin Aliabadi

This week we present Shirin Aliabadi, an artist who lives and works in Tehran selected by curator Leyla Fakhr. ‘Miss Hybrid 4', the photograph on display is taken from her most iconic series dating from 2008, where she portrays young Iranian women that defy the stereotype often portrayed by the media. Her portraits are playful representations of women who are intrinsically absorbed by global influences of fashion and consumerism despite living in a contrasting environment.

Ramin Haerizadeh

This week begins a presentation of four artists selected by curator Leyla Fakhr.
The first display is Iranian-born Ramin Haerizadeh who lives and works in Dubai and incorporates his own photographs or works with images found in books and magazines.
His process always begins with a multi layered process of repetitive photography, printing, superimposing, manipulation and collage.
Morphing body parts and faces into flesh coloured shapes, he deliberately removes identity and content and strips the images from their original narrative and presents them as embellished objects.
Go see NOW! @ 2 Hoxton Street, London.

Toula Liasi

This week, Cyprus born and Hague based artist Toula Liasi presents 361 (detail), a photographic work that explores the haunting issue of the missing people from the Cyprus conflict.'

Ryan Gander

This week, London and Suffolk based artist Ryan Gander offers us his text based poster quoting a phrase often repeated by the artist’s father when he was a young boy.
Go see NOW!! @ 2 Hoxton Street, London. 

Mat Collishaw

This week, British artist Mat Collishaw selects a work from his recent ‘Gasconades’ series to coincide with his opening at Paul Stopler gallery this Thursday. For the artists poster display, We see an image depicting a solitary bird whose stunning bright plumage is visually challenged by the equally bright urban graffiti’d walls that acts as their backdrop. The ‘Gasconades’ are depictions of birds that have escaped from their rural landscape to live in cities, hoping to benefit from the food and warmth that urban environments provide. However, in these surroundings the colourful birds clash with the dynamic city landscape, flooded with advertising boards and spray-painted tags. They disappear in the optical arms race of advertising and promotion that they were also trying to exploit. “I chained them to the walls to indicate the helplessness in their bid to show off their bright feathers in order to attract a mate and procreate. Their colourful liveries are not there by choice, they are in bondage to the genetic program they have inherited’. Go see NOW! @ 2 Hoxon Street, London

Ania Dabrowska

This week Polish-born artist Ania Dabrowska presents a two poster series from her ongoing work “A Lebanese Archive” which started in 2013, after discovery of a collection of archival photographs belonging to Lebanese ex-pat and photographer Diab Alkarssifi. “There is something in the power that archives give artists that goes beyond the looking back and referencing the old (…) by the retelling of archival stories, we can articulate new ideas, or re-formulate our own identities.” – from her interview with Studio International (, coinciding with recent contribution to Nottingham Contemporary’s exhibition ‘From Ear To Ear To Eye’. Poster 1: Anna Dabrowska, From Diab Alkarssifi Collection, Allabya Village, Lebanon, 1988, A Lebanese Archive_MH_02_2018

Dave Beech

This week, according to Professor Dave Beech, “…Socialist Realism was an art of the people not despite being official state art but because of it. Greenberg was wrong to equate Socialist Realism to kitsch because this conflates ‘the people’ with ‘the masses’ and therefore the state with the market. The Soviet Avant-guard allied itself to the working class rather than the people by inserting itself into industry whereas Soviet posters asigned ‘the people’ a revolutionary role.”
He continues…”A public is a specific social formation that contests the values that form it in the first place. Neither markets nor state produce a public. Consumers have cash, voters have votes, but members of a public have opinions, make judgements and hold values that they express through discursive interactions not only through publishing well made arguments but also through applause, heckling, chanting and booing.”
Go see NOW! @ 2 Hoxton Street

Marie-Fleur Charlesworth

This week, artist and fashion photographer Marie-Fleur Charlesworth presents a piece from her latest editorial work, a stylised study of the female body informed by a sculptural aesthetic. Go see NOW! @ 2 Hoxton Street, London.

Mauricio Guillén

This week on display is a 35mm photographic image titled Forgotten Lemon by Mexico City based film maker, artist & photographer Mauricio Guillén. Go see NOW! @ 2 Hoxton Street, London

John Cussans

This week, artist and writer John Cussans displays The Lovers (for Ellen), a work inspired by the late Ellen Cantor. It coincides with her book launch, for the publication titled ‘Ellen Cantor, A history of the world as it has become known to me’.
Check out this ecstatic poster, on display NOW! @ 2 Hoxton Street, London

Dean Kenning

This week, British artist Dean Kenning presents ‘Metallurgy of the Subject’, a highly sardonic critique on the current political economy presented in poster form. Recommended that you go see NOW! @ 2 Hoxton Street, London.

Hera Buyuktascian

This week, Istanbul based artist Hera Buyuktascian displays her enigmatic work titled ‘Deconstructors’ at the artists poster display @ 2 Hoxton Street, London. Go see NOW!

Francesca Anfossi

This week, Italian born artist and ceramicist Francesca Anfossi presents her work ‘Stiltville with orchid’ in poster format. It’s on display NOW! at 2 Hoxton Street, London.

Rob and Nick Carter

This week, Rob and Nick Carter present Paint Pigment Photograph, Phthalocyanine Green Yellow on the artists poster display @ 2 Hoxton Street. Go see NOW!

David Campany

This week, British writer and photographer David Campany presents this multilayered poster taken from press photos of Andrew Wyeth's painting, titled ‘Christina's World’. “I like the idea that a press photo is a kind of public address but a very different kind of public address to a street poster. Press photos like this are also anachronistic, of course, as they're all shot digitally these days. Plus, it's almost a black and white image, but not.” Go see NOW! @ 2 Hoxton Street, London. 

G. T. Pellizzi

This week, Mexican American artist G. T. Pellizzi presents this dazzling poster titled TRANSITIONAL. It’s an early work from 2011 which he describes as “being inspired by construction worker improvised signs in Mexico City, and so the wood that I sprayed over is very textured with construction debris which is why the spray looks as if its out of focus”.
Go see NOW! @ 2 Hoxton Street, London.

Simon Popper

This week, British artist Simon Popper presents a study from his ‘I’m Not Happy’ series. Now showing at the artists outdoor poster display @ 2Hoxton Street, London. Go check it out NOW!

Barry Reigate

This week, Croydon-born artist Barry Reigate presents his pop culture inspired rhythmic, semi-abstract poster taken from recent paintings that revel in executing shapes, doodles and squiggles. His mark-making style is pared down to monochrome palettes, covering every inch of the canvas, reminiscent of ‘automatic’ surrealist drawing. Go see NOW! at @2 HoxtonStreet, London.

Afsoon Afsoon

This week on display is London-based Iranian artist Afsoon Afsoon. This image was taken from her ever-changing studio wall, describing different stages of her work process before she perfects it into a series of art pieces where the processes merge, creating a little tableaux. Go see NOW! @ 2 Hoxton Street, London. NOWRUZ PEEROOZ.

Maryam Eisler

This week, Iranian-born and London based photographer and supporter of arts Maryam Eisler presents part one of a four poster series now on display at 2 Hoxton Street, London. Eisler describes the ideas behind this photograph, “Its from the ‘Eurydice in Provence’ series and inspired by Jean Cocteau’s 1960 film 'Le Testament d'Orphee’ it was also shot in the Val d' Enfer, with an overriding theme of dark underworlds, juxtaposing myth and reality whilst exploring grander universal themes familiar to us all - love and lust, love and trust, the 'divine feminine’, human temptation not to mention mankind's insignificance amidst the greatness of nature.”

Markus Vater

This week on display is German artist Markus Vater, presenting this mind bending illustrative poster @ 2 Hoxton Street, London. Go see NOW!

Clive Hodgson’s

This week, Clive Hodgson presents this attention grabbing painting from his recently opened solo show at Arcade, London. Catch it NOW at the artists poster display @ 2 Hoxton Street, London..

Daniel Gustav Cramer

Hey Mustafa, how are you doing?
a while ago i went to “Black Canyon”, a crazy and rough canyon somewhere in Colorado.
it was really quite amazing. unfortunately, it was in april and the snow was still quite thick. in the end, i decided to walk alone with wet feet for a pretty long time, maybe 3 hours, through the snow with my large format camera on my back. i ended up at a point where i decided that it was time to turn around. the view in front of me looked like a typical boring postcard image of some random canyon. i felt that there was no excuse, after these hours of torture to my feet i had to pay the price and unpack the camera. i took a single frame.
half a year later, in the darkroom, i printed the image. and cannot forget about it since has shifted into something else. for me, it is both an image of an image, the postcard of a place - and an incredible, real place, a perfect reproduction, detailed, the sunlight bouncing in the lens of the camera at the right spot, and down at the bottom, a tree and its shadow,isolated, somehow a landscape of brutality and total peace.
and when i think of it i think of it with you in it, somewhere.
how would that be?"

Cedar Lewisohn

This week, British-Jamaican artist Cedar Lewisohn presents this striking poster taken from his wood print based oeuvre. On view NOW at 2 Hoxton Street (junc/ Old Street).

Kour Pour

This week, British born Iranian artist Kour Pour presents this geometric modernist-meets-traditional crafts artwork at the artists poster display on Hoxton Street (junction w/ Old Street). 

Jose Carlos Martinat

This week, Lima based artist Jose Carlos Martinat presents ‘Great Britain, take care of yourself’. This artwork critiques historic UK state violence as imbued in popular type font design.

James White

This week, a shimmering poster on display by British artist James White to coincide with his new exhibition that opened this week at Blain|Southern, London.

Rachel Howard

This week, British artist Rachel Howard presents ‘Black Dog’. This haunting poster is now on display @ 2 Hoxton Street, London.

Salvatore Arancio

This week, a magnetic work by Sicilian artist Salvatore Arancio is showing now at the artists poster display @ 2 Hoxton Street.

Todd Gray

Los Angeles based artist Todd Gray now on display @ 2 Hoxton Street, London. Using photo-montages taken from his archive of images whist acting as Michael Jackson’s documentary photographer, his work is fluent in cultural iconography, steeped in issues of corporate politics and racial identity.

Peter Peri

This week, abstract painter Peter Peri presents this enigmatic drawing titled ‘Head (Weeping Woman)’. On display now @ 2 Hoxton Street, London.

Anastasia Mina

On display this week is Cypriot artist Anastasia Mina @ 2 Hoxton Street, London.

Pio Abad

This week, Philippine artist Pio Abad presents ‘Decoys’. The poster is taken from his body of work on cctv cameras that describe how authoritative observers transform into elaborate and decadent dummies.

Dee Ferris

An enchanting new Dee Ferris abstraction, taken from her recent new works-on-paper. Now on display @ 2 Hoxton Street.

Polys Peslikas

This week, Polys Peslikas offers us this majestic poster titled The Miniature Painter, taken from his recent solo show representing Cyprus at the Venice Biennale.

Bedwyr Williams

This week Welsh artist Bedwyr Williams presents his new eye-popping poster work @ 2 Hoxton Street, London. 

Olivier Richon

This week, class-antagonist Olivier Richon presents 'The Absolute Bourgeous', an absolute gem of a poster. 

Yorgos Petrou

London-based Cypriot artist Yorgos Petrou displays a classical poster this week @ 2 Hoxton Street (junction with Old Street), London.

Guler Ates

Departure by Guler Ates, this weeks new artists poster on display @ 2 Hoxton Street (junction with Old Street)

Edwin Burdis

Edwin Burdis showing now @ 2 Hoxton Street (junction with Old Street) artists' outdoor poster display

Leyla Gediz

Leyla Gediz presents Le Connaisseur, her superb new work now on display @ 2 Hoxton Street (junction with Old Street).

Ximena Garrido Lecca

Paraderos, a new work made in Peru by artist Ximena Garrido-Lecca is on show at the artists outdoor poster display @ 2 Hoxton Street (junction w/ Old Street), London.

Alexandre Da Cunha

Alexandre da Cunha's 'West Series' now showing @ 2 Hoxton Street (junction with Old Street) artists outdoor poster display.

Stefan Brüggemann

Stefan Bruggemann inaugurates a new season of artists outdoor posters on display at 2 Hoxton Street (junction with Old Street), London.

Mustafa Hulusi