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Mat Collishaw

24th June 2018 

This week, British artist Mat Collishaw selects a work from his recent ‘Gasconades’ series to coincide with his opening at Paul Stopler gallery this Thursday. For the artists poster display, We see an image depicting a solitary bird whose stunning bright plumage is visually challenged by the equally bright urban graffiti’d walls that acts as their backdrop. The ‘Gasconades’ are depictions of birds that have escaped from their rural landscape to live in cities, hoping to benefit from the food and warmth that urban environments provide. However, in these surroundings the colourful birds clash with the dynamic city landscape, flooded with advertising boards and spray-painted tags. They disappear in the optical arms race of advertising and promotion that they were also trying to exploit. “I chained them to the walls to indicate the helplessness in their bid to show off their bright feathers in order to attract a mate and procreate. Their colourful liveries are not there by choice, they are in bondage to the genetic program they have inherited’. Go see NOW! @ 2 Hoxon Street, London

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