The project has ended and the box has been removed.

Jamie Shovlin

31st October 2020 

Fodder 99 (Pomegranate) 2019
Pencil on found paper

Fodder 99 (Pomegranate)is from an ongoing series of works that are largely envisioned as backdrops for future additions that may or may never materialise. Started in 2014 and currently numbering more than 250 works, the drawings take material from multiple sources, including 1980’s illustration manuals, sculptural monographs, history books and popular song, and are fundamentally reactive in nature, often made on a whim and with scant consideration for collective meaning or identity.

Each work is realised on a paper scrap torn from a used book, lending the image a borrowed veneer of history, and is considered both separate entity and enigmatic part of a greater whole, purposeful and pointless at the same time, a speculative platform for continuous editorial that can be reworked, cropped, erased, addended and often destroyed. Created to both pass and still time and to establish a stock of imagery, the Fodder drawings are imagined as a lifelong project that will only cease with the artist’s death.’

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