Daniel Gustav Cramer

31st December 2017 

Hey Mustafa, how are you doing?
a while ago i went to “Black Canyon”, a crazy and rough canyon somewhere in Colorado.
it was really quite amazing. unfortunately, it was in april and the snow was still quite thick. in the end, i decided to walk alone with wet feet for a pretty long time, maybe 3 hours, through the snow with my large format camera on my back. i ended up at a point where i decided that it was time to turn around. the view in front of me looked like a typical boring postcard image of some random canyon. i felt that there was no excuse, after these hours of torture to my feet i had to pay the price and unpack the camera. i took a single frame.
half a year later, in the darkroom, i printed the image. and cannot forget about it since then.it has shifted into something else. for me, it is both an image of an image, the postcard of a place - and an incredible, real place, a perfect reproduction, detailed, the sunlight bouncing in the lens of the camera at the right spot, and down at the bottom, a tree and its shadow,isolated, somehow a landscape of brutality and total peace.
and when i think of it i think of it with you in it, somewhere.
how would that be?"

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