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Anna Skladmann

25th February 2021 

Anna Skladmann (b. 1986, Germany), could be seen as the contemporary successor of the Victorian artist Anna Atkins, who was the first one to use the cyanotype technique to capture algae as a research study (1843). Skladmann uses photography and specific scanning techniques which create diaphanous forms of the flowers and plants she captures.

‘The Seven Spieces’ which are seven agricultural products – two grains and five fruits – which are listed in the Hebrew Bible as being special products of the Land of Israel. With a nostalgic view to her own roots Skladmann’s delicate work underlines the historic and mythical connection that humans have with nature. The flowering and fruiting of the seven species take place in a season depending on the delicate balance between contradictory forces of nature and parallel our own spiritual development during times of opposing deities.

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