Ania Dabrowska

17th June 2018 

This week Polish-born artist Ania Dabrowska presents a two poster series from her ongoing work “A Lebanese Archive” which started in 2013, after discovery of a collection of archival photographs belonging to Lebanese ex-pat and photographer Diab Alkarssifi. “There is something in the power that archives give artists that goes beyond the looking back and referencing the old (…) by the retelling of archival stories, we can articulate new ideas, or re-formulate our own identities.” – from her interview with Studio International (, coinciding with recent contribution to Nottingham Contemporary’s exhibition ‘From Ear To Ear To Eye’. Poster 1: Anna Dabrowska, From Diab Alkarssifi Collection, Allabya Village, Lebanon, 1988, A Lebanese Archive_MH_02_2018

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